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Wits + Riches is a small Creative Studio based in Austin, Tx. We specialize in Photo Booth rentals, Graphic/Web Design, Photography and blog. Later on this year we will be introducing more exciting branches of our business including thrift resale and healthy living. 

The name Wits + Riches, has a deep and precious meaning to us. The first part -Wits- comes from, well just that, our Wits! Our humor! We have always been the class clowns..the quick thinkers. We are pure witty. The second part -Riches- comes from our understanding that riches doesn't have to mean how much money you have. To us, we strive to be rich in many other ways; joy, laughter, smiles, adventures. And that is how our name was made. We are both rich.. and witty! Ta-Da!


Here at Wits and Riches, we pride ourselves on personal relationships with our community. We are a creative for YOU! We care to know who follows us, who is inspired by us and how we make an impact on our community through each individual. Don't be shy, tell us YOUR story. Each one is beautiful and unique in it's own way.

Our business is still putting the final touches on things, but we are currently taking questions, and would proudly give you all the information you need to know about each portion of the company.


If you are looking for the best photo booth West of the Mississippi, then look no further, ya hear! Oh, Joy! Booth will begin in March '16. We will be servicing to the greater East and Central Texas areas. We will be working alongside our family's productions company, Producciones Rocha - which is a well favored company in East Texas. We will servicing to any and all types of party events including quinceaneras, weddings, birthday parties, business parties, local events, etc.

As we get closer to our release date, we will begin releasing more information about our booth and the services.


We have put our differently inspired minds together to bring top-notch designs and creations to life. With Jesse's professional design background and my (keely) keen idea for detail and individuality, we blend just perfectly to bring the best to each and every piece. I am the visionary and Jesse is the maker.

Services include:
Graphic Design
Web Design
Print Design
Package Design
Invitations (All forms)


Although the business is owner by both of us, this blog will be run be me, Keely. Like I mention on the the duo page, I had previously ran another blog to which I shut down for W+R. I mainly blogged about daily life, photography and beauty. I will continue sharing about those thing, and also I have been inspired by a lot of other creatives and interests around the world which I will share - some of which include fashion/beauty tips and tricks, global awareness, healthy living, reviews, etc.  


Coming soon!

This is a really exciting new adventure for us and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as we will. If there is anything you would love to know about us, feel free to comment below or contact us with your questions! Also, we would love to get to know who is reading our blog, so please, drop us a line and tell us your story. We are all one big family here! Hope y'all have a great day!

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